Class - Laser Intro
July 22 (Monday) at 6:30 pm

Class Full - Waitlist Available

Travis Good
Class length
3 hours 30 minutes
A laser cutter is an amazing tool for cutting and etching wood. SDFWA has purchased two lasers for its Shop and with just a little training you can add it to your list of woodworking tools. Both are beauties with large beds (3'x4' and 3’x2’), high power (100 Watts), and even rotary attachments for etching on cylindrical objects. With these tools you can easily and precisely cut wood up to 3/8" and etch any wood surface. The "Laser Intro" class is now available to both SDFWA Shop Members and non-Members, though purchasing an SDFWA Membership is required of non-Members for Shop insurance coverage ($35/year).

In this single class you'll learn the process of going from design-to-cutting/etching. Better still, you'll practice the procedure several times and even produce your custom first project. This single class is enough to certify you to use the lasers. Students can work in either Microsoft Windows or MacOS and it's helpful (though not essential) to be familiar with a graphics program such as Inkscape, Corel, Adobe Illustrator, or Sketchup. The class is three hours long and requires a minimum of three students. Classes which don't reach the minimum will be cancelled so why chance it? Enroll a friend! Bring a laptop!

This class comes with a Shop Slot for Members to use in completing their certification project.

Note: Membership in the Shop is required to use the bundled Shop slot.

Cost: $75

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